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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Westland Campers is the largest privately owned RV Rental company in Los Angeles County. With a large amount of  Class A and C RVs in our fleet, we will always make sure the RV you rent with us is sailing smooth on your trip. Feel free to book your trip by calling us or by clicking Rent An RV.

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Our Story

Our CEO started renting his personal RV out in December of 2017 - it went so well that he purchased another one and then another one and again another one. Since then, he has invested into more and more RVs to rent out to wonderful people because things were going so good on the initial three. The RV Rentals started getting so busy that he hired a staff to help manage, maintain and work with our marvelous customers. We are now a full fledged business that offers service, sales and rentals. All of us go on fun RV trips about 3-4 times a year into the desert and mountains. We all love our families very much and love hanging with them whether it be out camping, eating dinner or just watching movies. You will be happy to rent out any of our RVs as it will always be clean and packed with positive goodness for you! We are extremely clean people and will also make sure that the RV will smell good upon pick up. 

Meet The Team

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