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Interested in being a part
of the most exciting travel business in recent times?

Our full-service RV management program gets YOU paid while WE do all the work!

1. You tell us what type of RV you have.

2. Block out your travel dates.

3. We market your RV for you.
4. When we get a renter for you, we will email you the date that you must be ready with it, your renter shows up, you train them and hand them the keys.
5. Pick up any calls they may have during their trip.

5. You get paid.

It’s that easy!





Q. How much will I get paid?

A towable will get paid about $200/week. A Class C RV can get anywhere between $280 - $600/week and a Class A RV can get about $400 - $800/week. You can expect to get even more during festival season.


Q. Can I get some sort of training? 

Once you sign up with us, we provide one-on-one training and coaching with our team. We will help and assist with answering any questions you may have and will offer guidance to help you be as successful as possible.

Q. When do I get paid?

Payments are made on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month after the RV leaves. For example, if someone secures your RV in March for a July 1st - July 12th trip, you will get paid on the second Wednesday of July. If someone rents in March for a July 29th - August 3rd trip, you will get paid on the second Wednesday of August.

Q. Will my renters have insurance?

Yes, in the rare case your RV gets damaged or gets into an accident, we make sure that all renters purchase renter’s insurance with National General or Assurant unless they can provide a binder from their own insurance. If your RV gets damaged by the renter, we will help you fill out all forms and help you take pictures so that you get the maximum amount needed to repair your RV. 


Q. What if I want to use my RV?

It's your RV – you can use it any time you want – we suggest, though, that you block out dates for your personal use in the beginning of the year (if you can) so that we do not surprise the renter with a devastating last-minute cancellation.


Q. What should I include in my RV for the renter?

A bedsheet, a sewage hose and water hose. That’s it. We upsell other addons like cooking stuff, toilet paper, bike racks, etc. to your renter so that you can make extra money.

Q. What about check ins and check outs?

You know your RV better than anyone else. We will provide you with departure and return forms that you will fill out before and after the trip – note their miles, gas, propane levels, etc. etc. We will train you on how to fill all this stuff out and what to say and not to say to the renter.


Q. Speaking of propane – do they have to fill up when they come back?

Yes – please give them a full tank of propane before they leave and if they don’t bring it back full, please charge them an appropriate amount. If you don’t have time to fill up, please expect them to bring it back at the same amount that they got it at.


Q. What expectations do you need from me?

Be patient, polite and know the ins and out of your RV. Many of our customers are first timers, they have a lot of questions – we will provide them with an orientation video, rules, etc etc a week prior to leaving but they will still have a lot of questions. Be kind.

Q. What are your responsibilities?

We will send your renter a contract, orientation videos, rules, insurance, roadside assistance, customer service before and after the trip and background checks – we will verify your renter so that you know who you are renting to. We will also post your listing on various websites so that you can get the most bang out of your RV. We will handle billing, finalize bookings, answer pre-rental questions and charge security deposits. We will give you on going training, new ideas, fresh marketing techniques and different avenues of making extra money. 

Q. What if they bring a pet or smoke in the RV.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited. So, if you smell cannabis, tobacco, or see shrooms, cocaine, heroin or any of the above plus more after your renter comes back, let us know so that we can hold their deposit. Pets are up to you – if you are okay with them bringing their pet racoon, then so be it!

Q. What happens if something goes wrong with the RV during the trip?

All renters are offered a roadside assistance package before they leave on their trip. In the rare occasion that something does happen, they would call the 800 number provided to them and a tow truck will tow them to the nearest mechanic and if they have a flat, they will change the spare (provided by you) all free of charge.

Q. What if something malfunctions on the inside – say like the fridge or water pump?

We offer another type of insurance called “mechanic insurance” that your renter can purchase at an additional cost. In the rare occasion that something goes wrong on the inside of the RV during the trip, we will call our network of mobile mechanics that can take care of the issue – 95% of the time we find someone quick. If the renter does not purchase this, they can live with it, and you can take care of it (at your cost) when the RV comes back. 


Q. Is this all you guys do? Find people to rent out their RVs?

No. We have a full-fledged RV Rental business in Southern California – in fact, we started with one RV and have become the top partner with the world's largest RV rental platform (RVShare). The RVs on our lot are our own RVs – we own them and rent them out. This, however, is a program that we created to help people rent out their RVs with ease when they’re not using it. We take 75% of the hard work away so that you can pay your monthly RV payments with ease plus make extra money.

Ready to get started? We will do all the work – the passive income is totally worth it!



We are so glad to be a part of the program at Westland Campers! Not only do we cover our monthly RV payments, we are able to also make supplemental income with no hassle! We pick the dates we want to use it ourselves and let it make us money the rest of the time!

-Chie C.

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